Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two Caterpillars Walking Together

This morning, when I do my pray outside, I saw something moving underneath.
I kneel down and I saw this: two caterpillar walking together.
Luckily my handphone in my pocket, so i can straightly take photo and video of it.
So weird are they.
When the lower caterpillar walked, the upper caterpillar also walk
But I don't know why it crawled on the lower caterpillar and walked together.
When they climbed up the grass, they fell down.
So I decided to take video also.

This picture is took when they fell down.

This picture took when they fell down and climb up again.

When reach 30 second, you can see that they fell down and then they climb up again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Grasshopper in Clearwater Sanctuary

This grasshopper quite outstanding compare with the leaf.
White colour match green colour.
But its colour make the eye not clear.

Transparency Worm in Clearwater Sanctuary

This worm's body seems like a plastic.
Because its colour is transparency yellow colour.
So contrast with the yellow and black colour.

Transparency Spider in Clearwater Sanctuary

I like this spider's colour.
It is transparency peach colour.
Its spider web looks like silk.

Hidden Spider in Clearwater Sanctuary

So shy this spider.
Why are you hiding?

Back View Spider in Clearwater Sanctuary

This photo are about the back view of a type of spider.
Yellow colour spider.

Light Brown Spider in Clearwater Sanctuary

Light brown colour spider seems light also.