Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brown Beetle

On 19 July night, my sister found this beetle and I took picture of it.
I played on it.
When I press its buttock, its leg stood up and it flied away.
I can't find it again.
So I asked my parents informed me when they saw it, because I'm not satisfy with my photos taken.
And, I got long time no play beetle since I shifted house.
So I am excited to see it.

On 21 July morning, I just woke up.
My mother asked me:" Is this the beetle you looking for?"
I went downstairs and saw it.
"Yes, it really that one."
Then I put it into a small, long glass tube, because in there it can't crawl out, unless it flied out.
I took photo on top of the tube, so this is why there is some reflection and light (laptop light).
Before I took photo, I put it aside and do my homework.
For quite some time, I wanted to take photo, but the beetle no move.
I scare it died because of me.
I move it a few times, but it still didn't move.
When i almost let it go, it started to move.
It cheated me.
It is a fake dead.
So I trapped it again and started to take photo.
I let it go when I satisfy.
When I let it go, I slanted the tube near window, it started to walk and it dropped.
It's so cute and stupid when it dropped.
I'm bullying it.
So pity of it.
Hope it can live healthily and find its life.

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